Thursday, April 19, 2012

April After Artfest!

April 19, is that possible?  I was just packing for Artfest a few days ago!  These photos are of our home away from home at Fort Worden, The Madrona 277~!  We had a huge amount of space, a fantastic view and best of all is that it was a wonderful place to meet friends and make new ones!  Prior to Artfest several of us met in Seattle to become real life friends, not just facebook/skype friends.  Carlanda Brown Williamson came from Boulder City, NV, Jodi Kincaid from the Portland, OR area, Lyn (Livvie)
Tivenan from the UK, moi from NC.  Our very first night we had the best ever slumber party.  On Monday night we met more fabulous artist friends at the Black Bottle, Pam Holderman, Ronna, Frannie DiLeo, Jenny Wentworth, Matilda Bee, I hope I'm not leaving anyone out...

On Monday we had a fabulous breakfast at Lola's and then explored Pike's Place and International District.  On Tues we took the Ferry over to Bainbridge.  Of course we had to stop and explore the cute town of Winslow!

Eventually we made our way to Port Townsend and did more exploring and EATING!  The food was sooooooo good!!
ARTFEST was everything and more than I had heard.  It's creative, it's's, it's, it's..hard to explain if you weren't there.  The very first day..I dropped my bags in my room and went to check out the upstairs..who's standing there chatting in the Madrona kitchen..OMG..Danielle Daniel and Mindy Lacefield.  I'm sure I was standing there dumbfounded it took me so off guard!  Meeting so many people that I had known for a long time in online workshops, meeting so many of the fabulous teachers, taking workshops...sitting around discussing our adventures at the end of the day. Our housemates were a wonderful mix of talented artists and amazing women.  Ilene Heyman Harris, Megan Thompson, Janna Sammons and her adorable sister in law Betsy, Jaci Swarts, Ronna Perry Currier, Pam Holderman, Elene Nosyreva, Danielle Daniel, Francesca DiLeo, Lyn Tiverten, Carlanda Williamson,  Jodi Kincaid and me!
.  The ocean view every morning.  It was all good!!  I took three workshops and loved each one of them..Stephanie Lee, Mary Beth Shaw and Misty Mawn.  They're all such great teachers, so generous and so talented!

And for our last night..are you ready for this???  It was Carlanda Brown Williamson's birthday and we had a surprise birthday party for her at the Madrona. (yes she was 29)   Livvie had asked Misty if she would come to the party and she said YES!! gets better!!  Livvie had also arranged for us to purchase one of Misty's paintings for Carlanda's birthday.  Misty was so generous!! gets better!!  So it's the last night of Artfest, we're having a surprise party...want the guest line up???  Misty Mawn, Katie Kendrick, Judy Wise, Stephanie Lee, Kecia Deveney, Danielle Daniel, Juliette Crane, John Hammond, Keli McKinley Hansen, Pam Kirshenbaum, Carrie TuTu Clayton
 and of course all of the wonderful housemates of the Madrona!!  So the best part of Carlanda's birthday was that we all got to make more new and fabulous friends.
The entire trip was a dream come true from beginning to end, meeting lovely, talented, warm friends, spending time with like minded women, laughing, making art, eating, sight seeing, was difficult.  Much more difficult than I expected it to be.
Here are a few of the photos from the trip..lots more in my albums on Facebook.

My plan was to do a short quick post about do you do that?  Actually I did keep it short.  :-D   Thank you to everyone that helped make this such a wonderful trip!!  And I apologize for anyone I left or who's name I misspelled.  I love you all and thank you for sharing your experience with me.
Vendors night..did I mention Vendors night??  I met the sweet and talented Sunny Carvalho and Carla Sonheim just to name a couple.   So much talent in one room and I got to see and touch so much artwork that I had only seen photos of.  Send money!!  :-)

Since I've been home..this should be a whole new post so I'll keep it super short.  I had and got over my first case of bronchitis.  I created and sold a painting.  I've signed up for some exciting workshops this fall at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.  Kecia Devaney is going to be there in October and Tracy Verdugo in November.  And maybe..keeping my fingers crossed..maybe Katie Kendrick..maybe.  So many exciting fun things happening!

BUT..the very best is my Grandson, Patrick's wedding is next week.  I'll have a new (official) granddaughter..his bride, Jen!!

After that it's Disney World...will I get mouse ears???  What do you think??

Thank you for visiting my LONG blog and I hope you enjoyed it enough to leave a comment and follow me.  I promise the next one will be shorter!  Maybe...

Monday, March 12, 2012


March is a busy month isn't it?  We've barely had winter so flowers are blooming, birdies are singing and all is right in my little world.  
Jodi Ohl was here for 3 days teaching a workshop at Random Arts.  Jodi stayed with me and we had such a good time, her workshops were fantastic!  AND I now have one of her paintings in my studio.  I'm looking forward to her next trip to the mountains.  Next weekend I'll finally get to meet the talented Janice Scherer!  I have one of her paintings, The Watcher, and I love having it hanging in my house.

Now my thoughts are turning to Artfest and sightseeing in WA!!  So busy making plans, chatting with many friends that are attending.  AND SO EXCITED to be meeting so many friends that I've made online and formed friendships with.  I can hardly wait to meet Livvie, Carlanda, Jodi, Frannie Pants, Jaci, Danielle..too many people to mention.  So many good artists and wonderful women!  And so many good instructors.  I'm taking classes from Stephanie Lee, Mary Beth Shaw and Misty Mawn!  What a line up!  
Today I have to finish my trades and see if I need any supplies.  Tomorrow I shop!

Stay tuned for lots of photos of friends, Seattle, Fort Worden and maybe even a big stash of sea glass.   I'm so lucky that I can just take off and not worry about anything at home!  Bob and Daisy will take care of this Fort!  :-D
Next month is busy too..I'll tell you all about that when I get home from ARTFEST!  And one last photo...a WIP..I still have a lot to do but I'll share anyhow.

I'll see many of you soon!  If we haven't swapped cell phone numbers just message me.
Have a wonderful spring and I'll be posting just as soon as I get home!  My mind will be bursting with new techniques and my heart will be exploding with friendships.  XOXO

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Look

A NEW LooK!!  We all need a new look now and then don't we?  Today is only 8 days into 2012 but I've been busy making changes.  I've reopened my Etsy Shop," Petie's Place" and my dear friend Julie (Julz) Kinsella created this beautiful banner for me.  She struggled with the placement of ART I've created, making it totally original and mine!!  Thank you Julz for sharing your talent!
Tomorrow a brand new Misty Mawn class starts and the excitement in the group is building. Everyone has been making beautiful journals and inspiring me to try my first one TODAY. is the day!  I've already met so many people that are starting the class tomorrow and last year many of us took Misty's class together. This past year I've watched so many people blossom and spread their wings. This year will my year of Practice*Practice*Practice!!  The generosity of fellow artists is heart warming... so many people share their knowledge and talents FREE..Amy McDonald, Manon Visser, Rachael Panagary, Effy Wild, Tamara LaPorte, Kristen Powers just to name a few.  And congratulations to Tamera who just got published!  I know I wish I had room to name everyone!!  So much talent!!  I'm happy to have met all of my art friends.  And I have to mention one of my inspirations, Janice!!    I wish I could name all of the people that have influenced me this past year, wonderful, talented, generous artists that continue to grow!!
There are so many fun and exciting things happening for me this year and one of the biggest is meeting so many of my Facebook ART sisters at ARTFEST!!  So many of us met last year in Misty's class and have also taken other workshops together.  Many of us are meeting in Seattle to get the week started off with some fun exploring together, Seattle may never be the same after Lyn Tivenin, Frannie DeLeo, Jaci Swarts, Jodi Kincaid, Carlanda Brown Williamson and of course ME arrive a few days before Artfest to play and get to know each other. I'm sure by March there will be many more of us in Seattle before heading to Fort Worden. The more the merrier!!   And I can't leave out the fabulous workshops we'll all be taking. We've all made our own choices on workshops, there were so many fantastic artists teaching.  We'll be staying in the Madrona aka "The Nunnery".   This is my first and last time to attend Artfest since Teesha and Terry Moore have decided to end this part of their career.
Thanks to Jane Powell of Random Arts in Saluda, NC, I'll be hosting Jodi Ohl (who was just published in Cloth Paper Scissors)  and Sue Pellitier (who has been published many times) when they come to North Carolina to teach their workshops!  I was already excited just to meet them and learn from them but I'm extra thrilled to be able to have them stay with me while they're in our beautiful area.  And thanks to Jane Powell of Random Arts for bringing so many fabulous, inspiring artists to our little corner of the world to teach.
And I can't leave out Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch who I'll be taking a three day encaustic workshop from.  One day at Random Arts in Saluda and two days in Asheville at Fleta Monaghan's studio.
By the end of April I should be so totally saturated with ART and FUN and workshops and my intentions are to concentrate and use what I've learned.
BUT...I'm not only doing artsy phartzy things!!  I have FAMILY too!!  My grandson, Patrick and his beautiful fiance' Jen will be getting married the end of April so we'll be off to Florida to attend the wedding and enjoy my family or a few short days.   From there we're going to Disney first time!!  We'll be meeting Artist Lu, another fabulous artist, and her husband who are helping us with our DW details.
So much to look forward to, so much to learn, so many wonderful people to meet in person, so many people to see again, so many trips and so much fun!
I hope you're all having an exciting, artful year too and I know I'll be meeting so many of you ....somewhere.
Love you're my inspiration!!  Welcome 2012!!   I am here!!

Like me...a Work in Progress!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


My goodness it's been awhile since I've posted on here.  I can't believe we're all talking about turkeys and glitter and presents!  Our extremely beautiful fall is over and now it's looking like winter. I know we're all going to be busy for the next few weeks.  My thoughts are turning to family and friends, presents, decorating and of course ART!! Enjoy the hustle and bustle and the warm glow of the season.
 I just finished Judy Wise's online encaustic class and it was wonderful. There were days that I was sure I wasn't going to do anything right but it's starting to come together. I'm still behind but I've learned a lot.Thank you Judy!

  I've also been busy making some ornaments for the tree in my studio and making some Christmas cards.  Manon Visser was so generous!! She had a free online class for her adorable little Popjes girlies and I made a couple of Popjes ornaments!  I posted a photo of one Popje that I made.  Thank you so much Manon!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.
Much love and happiness are my wishes for you for 2012 and every year....

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Fall is really here!!  Colors are bursting out all over.  Everywhere I go, everywhere I look is so beautiful and so colorful!!  Oranges, golds, yellows, reds, pinks and all other various shades.  It's peak color in some areas but I'm happy to say that we probably have another week or so before we reach peak....longer to enjoy this fabulous season! I'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful area!!   I really haven't done much art this past week, it's too hard to make myself stay inside.  I did gather some huge acorns which many of you saw!  And I've shared the ones that haven't rooted with a few friends.  I've also gathered some leaves and I'm anxious to get some red hot Maple leaves so I can preserve them.  Hopefully you're all getting out and enjoying this wonderful fall weather!  Today I will paint!!!!!  But not until I've been outside, I love all  of the fall smells!!  And here's a few leaves for you.  :D

Friday, September 23, 2011


I love autumn, it's different, every year.  Some years the colors are brighter than others, last longer..are earlier or later.  You never know what fall will bring but you always know it will be beautiful.  This year we have a bumper crop of acorns and they're gigantic.  The air smells so good, the leaves are already crunching underfoot. I can feel it with all of my senses.   But it's just starting, the colors are just beginning to turn.  About 3 more weeks and we'll be in full reds and yellows and oranges and wearing sweatshirts and sweaters and making chili!  Yes I love fall!  And I especially love fall in the mountains. Even Daisy loves fall, she loves playing in the leaves, chasing leaves and just being a happy mountain dog. It's a magnificent time of year to get those creative juices flowing.  Enjoy.  Create!