Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One more week!!

One more week!!  One more week and my studio will be nice and fresh and I can make ART again.  I've been so limited the past two weeks.  As I type, the painter is painting and the electrician is scheduled to return on Monday.  I'm so anxious to start the work on all of the new jewelry designs I have racing around in my head.  All new designs for Portugal!!  workshops Art Paradise in Portugal.
I just thought I'd share a couple of photos with you before I start to watch the Misty Mawn videos.  I'm a week behind in her fantastic online class!   This is the banana I painted for our assignment last week.  shhh...I didn't paint it until yesterday.

And here is my basement/studio  before and after drywall.

So..let's all make ART and have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

Can I live in your basement??? Please! Love it!