Thursday, June 30, 2011


How does this happen?  All of my great intentions to use my time better, to create more, to stay in touch with friends that I care about and that care about me.....and then poof..another month is gone!   So what have I done since I posted on my blog last?  I've had some fun creating some cute little collage girls that are so different from what I usually make.  Mentally I have committed to go to two Art Retreats in 2012!  I plan to go to ArtFest and share an Officer's Quarter's house with some of my wonderful, talented and fun Art Sisters.  And I plan to go to San Miguel, Mexico for the Workshop with Jane LaFazio, Helen Shafer Garcia and two other fantastic artists..I wish I had looked up the information before I started this post.  lol    AND, I've been working on UnFurLinG with Misty Mawn, not as easy as it sounds!!   This month I have another workshop to look forward to. June has been a wonderful month for seeing all of my perennials burst into bloom and enjoying all of the nature that living in the mountains brings.  It's also been a month of greater awareness about many things.'s been a fun month!!
In July  I'll be going back to Saluda and Random Arts to learn how to make a Tree of Life  from Helen Shafer Garcia.  July is also The Guild Craft Show in Asheville and OH birthday is also this month.
Perhaps it's the approaching birthday that's making me a bit introspective...I think I've been a bit hard on myself though, I'll bet you all have been through that drill.  So, it's a new month and a new outlook..or an old outlook returning.
Most of you have seen the art I've recently made but I'll post it here too..enjoy and thank you to all of my Art Sisters for such wonderful encouragement and support!!  :D

A friend is someone who knows your song and sings it to you when you have forgotten it. -- Source unknown


jaci said...

hi phyllis.. wow you have really got a schedule goin on for 2012.. thats great!!! and love your little girls.. :) you really are unfurling!!!!

Conni vom Atelier Tante Trulla said...

Hi Phyllis, I will follow. xo Conni

Michele Emma said...

Hi Phyllis. Glad to be here and be part of your blog.

Petie said...

Thanks so much ladies, I appreciate you support!! :D

Francesca Di Leo said...

hi phyllis, great blog!! hope to see you at artfest 2012... how exciting to meet our stretching sisters!! woohooo.... F.